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Dental Health
Milena and Javier have identified dental health as a major concern of their schools. Most families cannot afford dental care and would also benefit from preventative dental health education. Because children regularly drink sugar water, the lack of care has resulted in a dental crisis that severely impacts their health and their ability to attend or concentrate in school. While the initial project focused on building a small dental clinic for public school students, subsequent work with the NYU Global Dental Outreach program has led to a more integrated preventative and clinical approach. We will be collaborating on the development and implementation of a 3 year preventative program in 4 public schools which will also be supplemented by a clinical component provided by the NYU Dental Brigade. This is in addition to the small clinic that is already in progress.  

A new law (Dec. 2015) now requires that NGO's follow a comprehensive registration process in order to conduct programs in Nicaragua. While planning for our 2017 pilot, we have also had to work with our attorney in NIcaragua to prepare and translate all the required documents. Registration is required prior to proceeding with these projects. 
Dental clinic status:
Sept. 2016: NGO documents translated and submitted for registration. 
Aug. 2016: NYU Dental Brigade visits to discuss preventative program with 4 school directors and assess dental health status. Met with Director of NGOs at MINREX to identify program approval requirements and timeline.
April 2016: Dental chairs released from customs with the help of Paul at Jubilee House in Managua. Transported to Carlos Bravo in Granada. Meeting with Nicaraguan Embassy in NYC to present documents for NGO approval. Met with Attorney in Granada to facilitate documentation submission in Nicaragua.
February 2016: Met with head of NGOs at the Ministry of External Relations (MINREX) to facilitate registration as an international NGO.
Dec. 2015: Change in laws governing work in public schools and health lead to registering in Nicaragua as an NGO - a process which will take several months. 
Sept. 2015: Meet with and supported the NYU Dental Global Outreach program in Granada (week long clinic staffed by 40 dentists)
July-Nov 2015: Finalize plans for construction. 
July 2015: MINED sent an architect to finalize plans for the space. Construction to provide a hygenic, enclosed and secure space started in mid-July. Met with Catholic University (UNICA) to explore collaboration - curriculum development and staffing by dentists and dental students. 
May-Aug. 2015: Equipment and supplies are in customs in Managua.
April-May 2015: 4 dental chairs/units donated along with 8 dentist stools, xray units, dental lights and miscellaneous supplies (Thanks to Michael Barood for donation and BonaFide Dental for dismantling and testing).
Feb. 2014: Directors of Carlos Bravo discuss need to preventative and clinic dental care due to high rate of dental decay.

Additional Funding Needed $10,000
February 2014: Initial donation of kits from Colgate started the discussion of how to implement a successful program long-term.
April - May 2015: Donation of dental clinic equipment was facilitated through the help of Peaceworks.
Construction began July 2015. MINED (Dept. of Education) provided an architect to assist with the renovation & installation of separate plumbing & electric service.
We visited the dental school of UNICA (Catholic University) to discuss potential collaboration  for dental services and curriculum development (July 2015).
After a year, the dental chairs were final released from customs and transported from Managua to Granada.
After 1 year, the dental chairs were finally released from customs and transported from Managua to Granada (April 2016)
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The school director and representatives of Students of Granada and NYU Global Dental Outreach meet with Luis Mendoza, the Director of NGOs at MINREX to discuss planning and approval requirements (Aug. 2016)