In September 2017 we launched the 1st of a 3 year preventative brushing program in 4 public primary schools in Granada in partnership with New York University Dental College Global Outreach Program and with the support of Colgate Nicaragua. More than 2,200 students and 100 teachers are participating. Our goal is to improve the dental health of students by implementing a sustainable preventative program of brushing and oral hygiene in public schools.  Simultaneously to the school programs NYU also provides free dental treatment to adults and children in the local area. You can see more detail about the September 2017 programs on our REPORT page. 

This page serves as a way for school leaders to share photo and video documentation of the brushing program.


In addition to expanding the school programs to all public schools in Granada, our goal is to open a permanent clinic at Carlos Bravo that will enable us to provide free treatment to public school students on a regular basis. We received a donation of a dental office and all the equipment is in storage waiting for the clinix space to be built. A school center housing the dental clinic and computer lab will cost approximately $8,000. 


Carlos Bravo 

March 2018

October, November 2017

Carlos Bravo has approximately 1,000 students in grades PreK-6 and runs two sessions to accommodate all students. A public high school uses the same space at night. 

Directora Milena Zeledon

Director Asst. Javier Mendoza

de Zandberg 

February 2018

November, December 2017

De Zandberg has approximately 600 students in PreK-Grade 6.

Directora Yeny Ortega

Margarita Urbina

February, March 2018

September, October  2017

Margarita Urbina has approximately 400 students in grades PreK-6. 

Directora Milena Ruiz

Padre Misieri

March  2018

September, November 2017

Padre Misieri has approximately 600 students in grades PreK-6. 

Directora DeLuis Corrales

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