Gravitas 2-Filter 6 Gallon Countertop Purification System

Designed for use in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Central America. No plumbing required. HIgh quality Gravitas ceramic fliters eliminate or virtually reduce lead, chromium 6, chlorine, heavy metals, VOCs, cysts, virus, bacteria, and many more contaminants. Water tastes great because the "good minerals" are left in. Plenty of water for cooking and drinking. Portable. $10 of EACH PURCHASE WILL GO TO STUDENT OF GRANADA PROJECTS.

Gravitas 2-Filter 6 Gallon Countertop Purification System

  • Gravity-fed countertop system produces 6 gallons of purified water in just a few hours. WIll meet the daily drinking and cooking needs of 4+ people.

    •  Polyethelyne containers are BPA free and Food Grade.  Locktight, weatherproof seal
    • Gravitas filters can be gently cleaned with scouring pad and water.
    •  Filters replacement recommended every 3,000 gallons  to maintain effectiveness.
    •  Silver infused to help prevent growth of bacteria.
    •  2-3 minutes priming required. 
    •  Leaves good minerals, including calcium, in water.

    •  Portable - can be used in your cabin, beachhouse, dorm room, etc.

    •  Works with just about any water source  including tap, lake, river, stream, pond and  rain water. Ideal for emergency and daily use. 

    •  16 in long x 10.5 in wide x 11 in high

  • $24 Shipping via US Post Office to Puerto Rico. Only USPS avilable at this time.