This work would not be possible without the generous support of organizations and friends. Gracias todos.

TOMS provides 1,000 students at Carlos Bravo 4 pairs of shoes every year.

Global Outreach is Implementing a 3 year in-school preventative pilot in 4 schools and an annual dental clinic providing  treatment for more than 350 people.

Feed the Children facilitates the TOMS donation as well as providing food staples when needed to several schools.

Peaceworks has helped us ship dental equipment as well as books and school supplies in their bi-annual container shipments.

TOMS Shoes

NYU College of Dentistry Global Outreach Program

Feed the Children Nicaragua


TOMS Shoes

Jubilee House navigates customs to ensure the Peacework shipments arrive safely and are delivered to each in-country partner.

Fabretto Nicaragua has supplied desks and other office equipment to teachers in need.

Colgate Nicaragua has generously supplied brushes and paste as well as instructional time and resources to our preventative in-school pilot.

Fold-A-Goal has donated complete uniforms for multiple school soccer teams.

Jubilee House

Fabretto Nicaragua

Colgate Nicaragua


Jubilee House

Casa De Los Tres Mundos generously donated use of their facility for the NYU Dental Clinic.

International Foundation, NJ

Farhad Asghar, NY

Graham Holliday, Granada, NI

Alex Chough, DC

Audrey Davis, WA

Morgan Davis, MA

Carole Herzbach, NY

Brett Howard & Tetsuo, NJ

Brett Jebens, Woodenbridge

Leslie Kern, CA

Darden Moorefield, NJ

Barbara Senft, CA

Stephen Moody, CO

Nirupa Umpathy, NJ




Brady Alto, NY

Jose Alvarez, Nicaragua

Victor Baez, IL

Cynthia Bailey,  NY

Ken and Cindy Carl,  IL

Potoula Chresomales,  NY

Arline and Dick Davis, ME

Antoinette Crockrell, MD

Rene David, NY

Marian Davis,  MA

Ashley Deal, PA

Lino Dimas, IL

Sandra Ebinger,  NY

Joseph Genna,  NY

Sandra Ebinger, NY

Dr. Peter Farrington, NY

Jim Gracia, MA

Julius Jones,  NY

Kristopher John, NY

Mark Kubala,  CA

Jens Larsen, WI

Pedro Lebre,  NJ


Mimi Lee, NY

Julia Marin, RI

David Martin, IL

Mike McLean and his students from Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, NJ

Mimi Lee,  NY

Anthony Moy, NY

Ana Keefe, VA

Stephanie Morrison, NY

Brian Neary, NJ

Mona Purdy, Share Your Souls, IL

Rodman Jones, United Way, Secaucus, NJ

Ray O'Brien, IL

Tom Pena & Nilsa Gutierrez, NJ

Jennifer Rafferty, CT

Ahmad Bakri, Filippo Borelli, Vincenzo Fantasia, and Sarah Law, Columbia University School of Business '2010

Jessica Perez

Aida Conroy Perez, IL

Peter Ortiz, NJ

Bona-Fide Dental, NJ

77 Alexandria, NJ

Gary and Lee  Ravitz,  IL

Terry Redican,  VA

Elaine Silverstone, NY

Nyles Stockton-Davis,  NY

Jamal Stockton, MA

Lila Schallert-Wygal,  NY

Kartik Srinivasan,  MI

Phil Van Kirk, CT

Casa De Los Tres Mundos

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