3-Year Preventative Dental Pilot

We are partnering with NYU School of Dentistry Global Outreach & Colgate  to implement a 3-year pilot  with 2,000 students in 4 schools with the goal of scaling an effective model that reduces tooth decay. (2015-2019)


After School Computer LIteracy and Robotics Programs 

We are partnering with CommunityBots and Saint Joseph Academy to launch an after-school robotics program for girls and computer literacy for 5th and 6th graders. The computer program launched Dec. 2018 and Robotics starts July 2019.


20190117_094419 (1).jpg

We've brought in more than 4,000 books for the library - but the bookshelves were collapsing. We hired a local carpenter to build new shelves with wood purchased at a local mill. (2019)


Carlos Bravo Library 

Digital Literacy In Action in 2019


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Digital Literacy Classes at 

Carlos Bravo

Despite the political and financial crisis, we were able to move forward with digital literacy classes at Carlos Bravo. We piloted the first class during school vacation (Dec. 2018 - Feb. 2019) and then added a 2nd class at the start of the school year. We now have 35 students enrolled in the 120 course which takes place before school. It is one of the first of its kind in Nicaraguan public schools. The teachers were excited about the program, and asked to be trained as well. We are now holding 2 hour sessions twice a week for 17 primary school teachers. We will add classes with additional funding and computers. (2018 and ongoing).


PreK Classroom & Bathroom

We constructed a PreK Classroom and adjoining bath to accommodate the growing need for PreK education. (2016-2017)


Technology Support

Via generous monthly donations, the main office has internet and phone, computers, portable PA system, and a high speed printer and has been able to increase productivity significantly. (Ongoing)




Water Tank 

We hooked up Margarita Urbina's water tan and repaired the water system coming in form the street (2018)




Bathroom Renovations

We repaired bathroom water system and replaced all toilets at Margarita Urbina (2018)

See the interview at the clinic with Hector & Dr. Yakir Arteaga on Channel 2, Nicaragua





Free Annual Dental Clinic

We partner with NYU Dental College Global Outreach to offer a free dental clinic every year that treats more than 350 adults and children. (2015-2019)

Free Permanent Dental Clinic

3 full dental units  are now in storage and we are fundraising to build out a permanent space at Carlos Bravo for a permanent free clinic. (2015- ongoing) 

Books, Paper, School Supplies

We have donated more than 4,000 books to the library and continue to bring in books and school supplies in luggage or in the bi-annual container shipped by PeaceWorks. (Ongoing)

Kitchen Renovation

On ongoing project, we replaced the wood fire pi with a propane-fueled stove, large propane tank and renovated the kitchen which feeds more than 900 students every day. (2013 - ongoing). We cover the cost of monthly propane deliveries. 


Playground Renovation: Study Islands

The playground has been transformed by adding 8 islands housing beautiful shades trees to protect students from the sun when eating or working. (2015)


Playground Renovation: Soccer goals and uniforms

Piles of metal scrap were removed and new soccer goals were built and equipped with nets. Fold-A-Goal donated 10 sets of team uniforms. (2014)


Library Addition

Our first big project, the library was extended by 50% - providing more space for books, reading sessions, and special projects. (2010)


Water System and Fountains

Our 2nd big undertaking was to install a water system for 4 bathrooms as well as 12 water fountains. The school had been collecting rain water in large barrels to use in the the bathrooms and had no running drinking water. (2010)


Water Filtration: Las Isletas

Portable water filtration systems address bacterial contamination at schools on Las Isletas. (2013-2014)


Water Filtration: Granada

We are installing high-volume water purification units in the Granada mainland schools and classrooms. (2017-ongoing)


Environmental Mural

We repaired and primed the 20 ft.wall looking over the playground. Leslie Warren and Jairo Sandino with help from Linda McCrary, Nancy Bergman and Amy Bushnell created an incredible mural showing the water ecosystem in Nicaragua. (2016)


Front Murals

Leslie and Jairo's murals on the front of Carlos Bravo are iconic - but fading. We need a donation of paint suitable for murals and $800 to pay the muralist to restore them.