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Give the Gift of Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Classes & Robotics

Our 120-hour digital literacy program is going to begin mid-December as an extra-curricular program for the 1st group of 40 students. It took some effort to make this happen. We had to hand carry computers donated by St. Joseph Academy into Nicaragua and wait for school schedules to stabilize due to the unrest. But we now have enough laptops to start - and have just finished setting up the lab space and hiring the instructor.

This program is foundational to the robotics program scheduled for the summer and paves the way for students to consider many more professional opportunities - including the virtual workplace in the future. Monthly budget for this program $375 includes the teacher, internet, and electricity.

Help Pave the Way!

$ 375 - 40 hours of classes for 40 students

$ 65 - one month of internet for the computer lab

$ 30 - one student to complete the 120 hour course

And Our Other Projects Continue....

2018 has been a difficult year in Nicaragua. The political unrest and resulting economic instability stemming from events that started in April have led to an economic crisis which has impacted everyone. 47% of the population of 6.3 million were already living in poverty. As a result of the crisis more than 215,000 people are estimated to have lost their jobs and another 250,000 have lost significant income. The travel alerts issued by the US, Canada, and many European countries decimated the tourist industry which in the last two years had become the country’s main source of foreign exchange. It has also impacted activities of NGO's. Almost all medical and dental brigades cancelled their trips. Many NGO's funded by volunteerism have shut their doors. In particular, our partners NYU Dental College, CommunityBots, and St. Joseph Academy were forced to cancel their trips because it was impossible to get travel insurance for their students. However, with your help our work continues!

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